Several reasons to make a life changing decision!

Several reasons to make a life changing decision!

There is a long list of reasons for you to look at starting a business. I’m sure you have heard several of them, like “I want to make more money” or “I’ve always dreamed of being my own boss” but the reality is different people start businesses for different reasons.

Reasons to start a business

  • Make more money
  • Do things better
  • Pride in ownership
  • Expand skills
  • Lower taxes
  • Create jobs for others

But, one stands out from all the others, Independence.

Yes, Freedom is the promise of entrepreneurship, and on average, most business owners point to independence as the main driver to building a business. The International Entrepreneurship and Management released stats from a global survey of early-stage business owners and Independence was the most common answer for starting a business.

  • Within the 25 countries, the study looked at, an average of 38% of beginning business owners cited independence as a motivation.
  • Independence served as a reason for 35% of entrepreneurs in the US and 39% in the UK.
  • In Australia and Japan, 57% of beginning owners pointed to independence as their motivator.

Owning your own business means being your own boss, deciding when you work, how you work, and what you work on.

Of course, business owners still do need to do their research and look at the market demand. But when you become the business owner, you choose how to do that. It gives you greater autonomy.

For those interested in business ownership and would like to discuss what options may exist, please contact me to go through our process to determine what may be a good fit.