What are some ways that a “normal” person could become wealthy?

What are some ways that a “normal” person could become wealthy?

You must begin to think in 2nd and 3rd order consequences.

“Normal people” make decisions based on what feels good right now, or what they can do to avoid feeling uncomfortable right now.
The Wealthy, on the other hand, do what is uncomfortable and doesn’t feel good right now to get what they really want in the long run.
This means sacrificing short term pleasure today in exchange for delayed gratification in the future.

Some ways you can do that starting today:

  • Invest 25% of your monthly income (self-imposed tax)
  • Live below your means by cutting expenses (downgrades)
  • Educate yourself in business ownership, and decide on building your own wealth (give up that tired/secure job)

Q: Do these sound like fun to you?

A: Not if you’re thinking short-term.
The old adage “Look into the mirror and ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years” still holds water and anyone looking to achieve more should ask that question. If answered, MORE, then take action to execute NOW. Speak with those that can help you get an idea of what executing that plan looks like and how to achieve the goal.

Think-Plan-Execute for a better tomorrow. Wealth may not be the end all to happiness, but it will bring the freedom to make choices that align with your happiness. SO, get uncomfortable to build a better tomorrow!

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