What Is Causing The Great Resignation?

The five main reasons why employees quit:

  • Burnout: 40%
  • Company going through organizational changes: 34%
  • Lack of flexibility: 20%, Instances of discrimination: 20%, Contributions and ideas not being valued: 20% (three-way tie)
  • Insufficient benefits: 19%
  • Well-being not supported by the company: 16%

What the job switchers are seeking:

  • Ability to work remotely according to personal preference: 40%
  • Better compensation: 37%
  • Better management: 31%
  • Better company reputation: 29%
  • Better work-life balance: 26%
  • Flexible work schedule: 24%

So what options are out there for the Switchers?

1. Stay with their current company and see if things change

  • This option would mean working with the current staff and executive team to make changes.
  • Will they be open to improving your compensation?
  • Will they permit working remotely?
  • Will they allow flexible work schedule?

2. Find employment with another company

  • Can you secure the “right” position that matches your skills and goals?
  • Will your search allow or expose everything you need to know about the company’s work culture?
  • Will the new position put you in a position to grow?
  • What changes will occur in the future with the companies current structure?

3. Get into business for yourself

  • Can you find a business that excites you and one that has market demand?
  • Do you have the capital to invest in a business?
  • Where do you find help to assist in your search?
  • Do you have the skills and confidence to make it happen?

The above questions are just the tip of the iceberg when considering your options and all should be given serious thought prior to making a decision. It’s always best to get help/support from individuals or companies that can assist and those that have the experience/expertise in aiding those looking to make a change.